Top 3 social media for new businesses

A lot of social media platforms have developed in the last few years thanks to ongoing internet growth and public knowledge of it. It can be said that the last big factor for internet usage growth has been the coronavirus pandemic , which has been the cause for a lot of not online functions going online.

If you’ve opened your business and want to showcase it to the general public so they could become aware of it, this is the top 3 social media platforms you should open:

1. Facebook

From all of the social media platforms Facebook is at the top with 2.80 billion monthly active users. It represents a great starting base full of potential consumers of your products or services.

The number of companies that already have their business page on Facebook exceeds the 200 million mark. In today’s world, it is expected from a company to have a business page on the platform, on the grounds that consumers turn to Facebook for information when researching about products, services and companies.

Facebook allows posting of various content types, such as photos, videos, text, live streams, stories and other. Unsure of what to post? Contact us and we will do it for you. Provided you have a budget you would like to invest into promoting your own business in order to be recognised in the digital world, you should invest in Facebook Ads. Facebook next to Google represents one of the biggest online advertising platforms.

The most important is to frequently communicate with your followers and respond to their inquiries and comments in order to create a loyal community.

2. YouTube

YouTube is the second social media platform according to monthly active users, which consist of more than two billion, but still no more than Facebook. It is important to mention that YouTube search engine is right up there with Google search.

Primary activity on the platform is video uploading, but there are other ways of communicating such as posts and stories. Although creating videos takes a lot of effort compared to regular posts, the benefits outweigh the invested work. If a big number of followers and watch time is acquired, it is possible to get ad revenue.

Looking at paid advertisements YouTube Ads are one of the most popular ways of promoting that can lead to a large number of potential consumers.

It is important to be consistent with posting and uploading content that is interesting to the target audience. Using the knowledge and skills of our team, the familiarity of your company to the general public will significantly increase with the use of online advertisements.

3. Instagram

Last but not least, the platform that newly opened businesses should open is Instagram. Data shows that Instagram has approximately around a billion monthly active users. The content consists of photos and videos, which can be enhanced by using integrated filters and effects.

Considering it is owned by Facebook, paid ads on Facebook can be set to show on Instagram as well.

Instagram is very simple to use. Primarily it is a mobile app, but it can also be accessed using other devices. It is important to note, that posts can only be uploaded via mobile device.

How can we as a marketing agency help you? We’ll create a strategic marketing plan of communication on social media, publish weekly posts, take care of online advertisements, do what’s needed to make your website appear at the top of search results so potential clients will notice your business first. We also offer consulting on how to improve your business to gain more loyal clients and how to satisfy your already loyal clients even more.

I hope that this TOP 3 social media for starting businesses list was informative and gave insight into which social media to put most effort into.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on our website , ili na Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram page.


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